About Us

About Us

Our Vision

To repurpose lives by sharing God’s refreshing grace.

Grace Christian Fellowship is a church family of Christian believers in Largo, Florida that loves and worships the Triune God; preaches and lives by the Word of God; and as a result of the spiritual transformation that has been granted to us by the Father’s grace through the sacrificial death and resurrection of His Son Jesus, and imparted to our hearts by the Holy Spirit, we joyfully and willingly serve the Lord, His people, and the world around us so that they may see our good works and thus praise our God in Heaven.

As we seek to carry out our vision we are guided and grounded by 3 anchors.

Declare Truth – We seek to preach the whole counsel of God.

Disciple People – We desire to see people spiritually grow in their faith in Christ.

Demonstrate Grace – We desire to see our faith in action by loving/serving people.

What We Believe

Who We Are