Part 7 – But Now


The age-old question – in the Scriptures, but also in the hearts of all humans (believer/unbelievers; consciously/unconsciously) – is “How can man be made right with God?” And because of mankind’s fallen state (as Paul so very clearly pointed out in Romans 1-3) humans will NOT go to the Lord and trust in His answer (redemption, forgiveness, and justification through grace and faith in Jesus Christ). Instead man will deny there is a desire to be right with God; or assume that they are already justified; or that they are not as bad as others, so that justifies them; or that they come from a Christian family; or that they are basically good ‘spiritual’ people (but not religious!!); or they believe they are right with God because they have worked very hard at being good. But of course, none of those answers work.


Man can only be made right with the Holy Lord God through the forgiving presence of Jesus Christ within their life, which can only come by God’s grace through faith in the work of Christ.


This portion of Romans 3 is probably one of the single most important sections of the entire Bible because it clearly identifies the problem and the solution to our need for justification. No one can be or will be declared righteous by following the Law because no one can – or desires to – BUT NOW – the Lord God provides the answer through the work of Christ. These verses are pure biblical doctrine and theology that must be understood to walk in the freedom and the joy the Lord has provided to His children. Theology or doctrine should not be anything to run from, but embraced because it is WHAT WE BELIEVE, and what we believe is important!


Here are some important ‘theological’ and ‘doctrinal’ words that all of us who have come to faith in Christ ought to understand and marvel in....because it’s ALL CHRIST.


Justification: The sinner stands before the Lord God guilty and condemned but is now declared righteous: The Lord God is seen as the Righteous, Holy, and Merciful Judge.


Redemption: The sinner stands before God as a slave, but because of God’s grace He has purchased the slave through the blood or sacrifice of Christ and the redeemed sinner is granted his freedom: The Lord God is seen as the Master.


Forgiveness: The sinner stands before God as the debtor, but the debt is paid and forgotten: The Lord God is seen as the offended party.


Reconciliation: The sinner stands before God as an enemy, but because of Christ we become His friend: The Lord God is seen as the Peacemaker.


Adoption: The sinner stands before God as a stranger, but is made a son or daughter: The Lord God is seen as our Father.


Thank you Lord for your goodness towards us!

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