Part 6 – The True Witness Protection Program’
July 8, 2018

Part 6 – The True Witness Protection Program’

Passage: Romans 6:10-14

As we continued in our study of the sixth chapter of Romans, we come to a powerful few verses (6:10-14) that describe, among other things, the completely new identity we have in Christ Jesus. Being born in sin, separated from the Lord God, we must find our purpose and meaning within ourselves and the fallen world we live in.  Our personal identity – who we are as humans – is often defined by our genetics, culture, society, race, religion, politics, and profession.  As a matter of fact, the two main sources of ‘identification’ that we cling to would be our names and our occupation, but even they can ‘let us down’.


Since (as the last half of Romans 5 and all of chapter 6 declare) we as believers have ‘died in Christ’ and been spiritually reborn in Christ, we come to see that our ‘spiritual identity’ is the only “ID” that matters. As believers who have died in Christ and are alive in Christ we come to realize that we are truly “alive for the first time”, which is certainly a ‘change of identity’.  We also discover in these few verses, and see it spoken of elsewhere in the writings of the apostles, that we are now children of God.  We aren’t just ‘called’ children of God, we ARE children of God, and that is the identity – the reality - that we need to learn to walk in every day even though our ‘flesh’ (our mind – the way we think, feel, and choose) would try to tell us otherwise.


A criminal (most often they are) who has turned state evidence in against former crime employers are sometimes allowed to participate in the Witness Protection Program (WITSEC – Witness Security) and are given new identities to protect them from those they have testified against.  The only problem is that this ‘identity change’ does not ‘change what really matters’.  They are still the same people (criminals/sinners) who they were before. Man can change a habit, but only the Lord God by His grace and change a nature.