Part 6 – Round Two


November 20, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Job 1:20-2:10 |


Job responded in an incredibly honorable manner after the first onslaught of losses he and his wife experienced. They are certainly grieving, yet through the grief Job worshiped and praised the Lord, and he did not charge the Lord with wrongdoing. So, in a sense, although there was never officially a ‘bet’ between the Lord and the Adversary, the Lord proved right (of course!) and the Adversary was wrong. The satan thought that Job only worshiped God because of the blessings he had received, but when he lost those blessings Job continued to worship the Lord, as a true believer would (through the grief).


But now came the second round of trials. This particular trial centered around the Adversary inflicting Job with an extremely painful and possibly deadly skin disease – maybe elephantiasis or black leprosy. Job suffered unimaginably, but once again, by the Lord’s grace and Spirit, Job continued to honor and worship the Lord.


One of the main themes that was examined in this message was how the Lord, who is sovereign over all, used the satan as a pawn to accomplish His good purposes. What the Adversary means for harm, the Lord means for good, so as the Lord’s children we can rest in His loving, benevolent, wise, sovereign rule over all of creation.


Three practical lessons or three ways to apply our lives to these particular verses:

  1. Let us join with Job and affirm with all our hearts the absolute sovereignty of God.
  1. Let your tears flow freely when your calamity comes.
  1. Trust in the goodness of God, and let him be your treasure and your joy.

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