Part 6 – A Repurposed Heart Is A Servant’s Heart
October 18, 2015

Part 6 – A Repurposed Heart Is A Servant’s Heart

Passage: Mark 1:29-34

In this message we covered the fifth and final mission measure, evidence, or markers that would indicate to us as individuals and as a church that we are maturing/walking in the particular mission statement that we believe the Lord has called us as a local congregation to fulfill.

Just to refresh your memory, we can state our mission measures this way:
A repurposed life….is fluent in the Gospel.
….embraces the broken.
….joyfully participates.
And….generously gives.

When the Spirit of God spiritually transforms a sinner by the grace of the Father, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, there will be changes in the new believer – inside and out.  They are immediately justified – made right – declared righteous by the imputation of Christ’s righteousness into our lives – and are eternally secure in this relationship because ‘the good work that the Lord started, He will finish’ (Philippians 1:6).  Our life is now Christ’s life.

There should also be seen some inward and outward changes – maybe more gradual, but still evident – in the Christian’s life.  That’s what these mission measures are speaking of.  The fifth and final measure (although there are many other ‘evidences’ that a life has been spiritually transformed) that we understand is tied into our vision and mission at Grace Christian Fellowship, is that our fallen nature, which is naturally selfish, will have a new desire to serve others.  Humble service – being a servant – esteeming others greater than ourselves – is not natural to the fallen nature – and can only be developed and nurtured in the heart and life of a believer after God’s Spirit repurposes/transforms them, and begins the process of sanctification – maturing into Christlikeness.

The greatest joy – the greatest sense of contentment – comes or resides in the believer who is passionately serving the Lord, the church, and those around them.  This passionate sense of serving is never to be done in the flesh or for the sake of rewards, awards, recognition, accolades, public affirmations, or to win the pastor’s favor.  Everything we are to do we are to do for the glory of God.  And of course, the perfect example of servanthood for us is the life of Jesus Christ.  Here’s Jesus – the Son of God – but He came to this earth, not to be served (although He deserves to be served!), but to serve.  And His greatest act of service was laying down His life for us.