Part 42 – Demetrius – Walking In Truth and Integrity


August 9, 2015

Bible Text: 3 John 1:12-14 |


As we have now come to the end of our study of not only 3 John, but all three of John’s Letters, we see that John’s intention in all of these Letters has been to rebuke the heretics, and encourage the saints.  In this Third Letter, John has written a Letter of encouragement to his dear friend Gaius, who has been a man of faith and generosity – graciously opening his home to care of those traveling Christian missionaries, preachers, evangelists and travelers.

This is in stark contrast to Diotrephes – who may very well be the lead elder/pastor at this church – and who has been very selfish, mean-spirited, and inhospitable to any Christian who has come to their town, and has even gone so far as to reject the apostles’ previous writings to the church.  The third man mentioned in this Letter is the subject of this sermon – a man named Demetrius.  It is believed that Demetrius is a personal friend of the apostle John and may very well be the person who is delivering this Letter to Gaius.

We are told in these few verses that Demetrius is has been given a three-fold testimony from the apostle John.  The first testimony was that he was well spoken of by everyone.  This means that Demetrius was a kind and courteous Christian who was respected by believer and unbeliever alike.

The second testimony was that he is confirmed by the truth itself.  What this means is that without the personal testimony of another person it was still self-evident from Demetrius’ godly behavior that people saw Christ within him.

The third testimony was from John himself.  It’s one thing that people and the truth speak well of a person, but here was the personal recommendation of the apostle John himself, so that should be a clear sign to Gaius that Demetrius could be trusted and should be listened to.
Of course, the point of all of this for you and I is to simply ask if our life is reflecting the joy, love and grace of Christ so that people will speak well of us – even if they hate or disagree with us.  Are we walking and living consistent Christian lives so that the world will see Christ within us, even if we haven’t said a word?

Gaius was hospitable and walked in the truth.  Demetrius was walking in the truth and was a man of integrity.
Diotrephes was selfish, arrogant, mean-spirited, and NOT a believer.  I think we know the two men we are to imitate as they imitate Christ!

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