Part 4 – The Proof of the Pudding Is In the Eating


January 14, 2018

Bible Text: Romans 3:13-16 |


In this section of Romans 3 (verses 10-18) Paul quotes nothing but Old Testament verses to make his point (of the first three chapters) crystal clear – all mankind is dead in their sin and separated from the Lord God, and have no desire, nor ability to worship, love, and glorify the Lord God. Paul ‘accuses’ fallen man of these sins, but now in verses 13 through 16 we will understand that ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ – Paul will show us some common examples as ‘proof’ of the fallen nature of mankind.


The apostle (in quoting the Old Testament to show us the pervasiveness of sin) goes to the throat, tongue, lips, mouth, and feet, to show us that sin is displayed through our actions – especially in regards to our speech.


As Jesus said, “But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.” It’s the heart (the sinful nature of the unbeliever, and the flesh/mind of the believer) where the trouble is found, and needs to be dealt with accordingly. One either has to come to faith in Christ so that the sinful nature is crucified and replaced with the Spirit of Christ (our life is now His life), or the believer who struggles in these areas (of speech) needs to crucify the misdeeds of the flesh (with the help of God’s Spirit, grace, and Word) and learn to walk in the Spirit. The believer led by the Spirit will speak words of encouragement, comfort, peace, and love, whereas those speaking from the sinful nature or the flesh will be tearing down, destroying, and killing.


Let’s be children of the King who build up, not tear down.

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