Part 4 – The Measure of a Church’s Success
September 27, 2015

Part 4 – The Measure of a Church’s Success

Passage: 1 Kings 2:1-4

So far, in our brief journey through ‘The Vision and Mission of Grace Christian Fellowship’ we have seen:
1. …the metaphor that describes our vision for our church is that of a Thanksgiving meal in which the family (of God) gathers to eat a healthy and nutritious meal (taught the Word of God); honor the Host (the Triune God); enjoy each other (fellowship); encourage, comfort, and support one another; invite others to the Meal; and share with whomever about the Glory of our Great Host.

2. …the mission statement that concisely describes what our purpose or goals are as a local body of believers: Repurposing Lives By Sharing God’s Refreshing Grace.

3.  …come to understand that there are five non-negotiable values that define or direct all that we do in and out of the church in order to fulfill our mission: truth, compassion, enjoying others, authenticity, and excellence.

4. …the strategy used by the church to fulfill the mission is describes as ‘Grace in 3-D’: Declare truthDisciple people, and Demonstrate grace.

5. And this is most recent Sunday we began to look at what is called the ‘mission measures’, or the means used to evaluate or determine if the church is accurately or noticeably fulfilling its mission.

There are five ‘mission measures’, three of which we discussed in Sunday’s message:
a.  …that the members of Grace Christian Fellowship would be
         fluent in the Gospel.  If we are focusing on the preaching and
teaching of the truth of the Gospel as it is found saturated in, by
and through the Word of God, then the people of Grace ought
to be fluent – conversant, erudite, articulate, sincere, and
confident – in their understand of the Gospel and their ability to
share it with others.

b.  …that the members of Grace Christian Fellowship would
embrace the broken.  In one form or another, everyone is
broken – lost and dead in their sin, or even as redeemed
children of God they may continually deal with past/present
rejections, addictions, loss, hurts, and the pains that come from
the trials of life.  If we have been truly repurposed/transformed
from selfish sinners separated from God, into selfless, Christians in
fellowship with God, then just as Christ embraced, loved, and
showed mercy and grace to the downtrodden, hurting, outcasts
sinners of the world, then we as a congregation will do the same.
Never approving, accepting and validating ones’ sin, but loving
and validating one as a person created in God’s image who is in
need of redemption.

c.  ….that the family members of Grace Christian Fellowship will
joyfully participate in the activities of the family gatherings
because they understand that as part of the family it is helpful,
encouraging, kind, and supportive to be intimately involved in
the ‘going-ons’ of the family.  This doesn’t just refer to attending
services twice a week, but would also include serving (more
about that next week), joining smaller groups, fellowshipping
with Grace family members outside of church, and generally
involving themselves in the life of the church because, having
been repurposed by God’s refreshing grace we have come to
see the importance of the unity and support of the fellowship of
local believers.