Part 4 – The Crucifixion of My Old Man
June 24, 2018

Part 4 – The Crucifixion of My Old Man

What is different about us when we come to faith in Christ. Is it just a judicial change? In other words, God – as the Judge of all the Earth – simply declares us to be redeemed and ‘His’ because of what Christ has done for us?  In other words, are we really the same vile and rebellious sinner with a sinful nature, but because God – who can say and do anything He wants – says we’re okay, then we’re okay (although we really aren’t)?


Or is our ‘transformation’ simply a ‘positional truth’? Meaning, that we are ‘spiritually’ transformed but it’s a heavenly reality and not a reality here on earth (we’re still the same) but because we are safe ‘in Christ’ in Heaven then our ‘position’ is right, but in actuality we’re still sinners with a sinful nature.


OR can we take the Bible to be true and read it and believe it as it says?  In other words, if God’s Word says (as it does in Romans 6;6) that our ‘old man’ – ‘sinful nature’ – our ‘spiritually dead (but alive to the devil and the world) spirit’ – our ‘adamic nature’ (that which we inherited from Adam) – our ‘unregenerate self’ – our ‘innermost being’, who we are in our deepest nature, HAS BEEN CRUCIFIED in Christ, then our sinful nature HAS BEEN CRUCIFIED – it’s dead, buried in Christ, buried in an unmarked grave so we can’t go looking for it!!


We are spiritual creatures (which is our way of communicating to the spirit realm, our conscience, and intuition) that have a soul (mind – thinker, feeler, chooser – our personality, our psychological self), that lives in a body (our physiological self).  Naturally, since we are all born ‘in Adam’ we inherited a spiritual ‘dead’ spirit (again, alive to the world and the devil, but dead as far as the Lord is concerned because only ‘in Christ’ is there life), and that sinful nature has tainted our mind (our soul) and is slowly deteriorating our body.


When we come to Christ, according to Romans 5 and 6, the Lord crucifies – takes away – our sinful nature – and gives us HIS LIFE – His Spirit.  Our life is now Christ’s life (Galatians 2:20).


But, why do we still sin if we are now the righteousness of Christ? This will be hashed out in more details in the ensuing weeks, but for now we must realize that although our inner man/woman is pure, holy, righteous and perfect (since it is Christ’s life), our mind still has a lot of growing, maturing to do.  When we sin we are NOT listening or walking in the Spirit within us, but rather we are listening and obeying (although we do not HAVE to) our defanged crybaby flesh (our soul and body).  The Christian life is one of crucifying the misdeeds of the flesh by walking in the Spirit (Romans 8), and this will be made clearer as we continue to walk slowly but surely through Romans 6, 7, and 8.  So, hang on!!!   It’s going to be a liberating journey for all who have ears to hear!!