Part 33 – Chosen, Loved, Indwelt, And More


May 24, 2015

Bible Text: 2 John 1:1-3 |


Last week in my introductory message to 2 John, we focused our attention of one word - truth - that was found five times in the first four verses. John was reminding the lady/church that the false teachers did NOT have the truth, but rather the true Christians not only knew about the truth - they KNEW Truth - and the Truth is a person - Jesus Christ. In this second message the focus was on John's desire to remind the lady/church of what they already knew and had experienced. They (and we) need to be constantly reminded of who we are in Christ because the world has a nasty and subtle way to distracting us into thinking its way - negative, self-seeking, and comparative.

So, John reminds them that they are:

1. Chosen - Since fallen man has no human ability to love and worship the Lord God, nor does he have the desire to do so, man is left to himself - lost and separated from the Lord God forever. But according to the Lord's good pleasure and will, He has graciously and mercifully decided to choose/elect to bring many into a living, saving, and eternal relationship with Him. Because these Christians intimately know the Truth - Jesus Christ - and have been chosen according to God's pleasure and purposes, and NOT because of any good thing they have done - they can trust that the Lord will take eternal care of them despite what the false teachers might say contrary to the Truth.

2. Loved - The false teachers would surely give the true believers the false impression that they weren't loved of God, but even more than that, since their false teaching was centered on works and 'special revelation' that only the truly enlightened and intellectually superior, they had no idea what true agape - God's unconditional, selfless and eternal acceptance and care - was all about. So, John wanted to remind the lady/church that God Almighty through Christ Jesus truly loved them.

3. Indwelt - The false teachers would NEVER accept the idea that the Divine - the Holy and Perfect Spirit - would dwell within the heart/life of a fleshy sinner - yet, that is exactly what Jesus Christ has done within the lives of His children. John wanted to make sure that the lady/church had the assurance that they were never alone - Christ was within them and they were within Christ.

4. Grace, mercy and peace - Although these three words were a pretty typical format used in a Christian letter - in particular, a biblical Letter - they are still jam packed with truth. Only the believer has experienced saving/sustaining/glorifying grace; only the believer has received the forgiving mercy of God; and only the Christian is at peace with the Lord God, and can experience the peace of God during the difficult times in life, so John wants the lady/church to be reminded of these three truths because the false teachers, the devil and the world are trying to do/speak just the opposite.

We as 21st-century believers live in a world that keeps trying to tell us how to live, how to look, what to believe, and what to think - about ourselves, others, and the world we live in - but the Lord God, through His Spirit, Grace and Word want us to know (hence, the constant reminders) who Who Christ is; what He has done for us; and who we are now in Christ. Remind yourself of these truths daily, and then the lies of the world, the devil and your flesh will more easily and readily bounce off of you.

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