Part 3 – Meaning and Purpose Apart From God
June 17, 2018

Part 3 – Meaning and Purpose Apart From God

Passage: Romans 6:5-7

In answering the question ‘How is a sinner made right with the Lord God?’ the apostle Paul has been explaining to the church the doctrine of justification by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  As he has moved into chapter six he is now going to explain how this can be so – how can Christ’s sacrifice truly regenerate/transform a sinner into a saint – from an enemy of God and an outcast from the Lord – to know becoming His children and friends.


We learn in Romans 5 that we have been spiritually placed in Christ. We were buried with Him in baptism, which refers to dying to our old and former life – crucifixion of our old man/sinful nature (Romans 6:6) – and raised new creatures in Christ.  So, now we come to this verse (Romans 6:6) that specifically speaks of the crucifixion of our sinful nature.  Before we dig deeper into the truth of this crucifixion, we spent this sermon looking at how fallen mankind attempts to find meaning and purpose in the only available resources they have – themselves and the world.


We were not made to find our meaning and purpose in ourselves, but when we lost ‘life’ at the fall of mankind, we were no longer in a dependent relationship with the Lord – we were/are on our own. There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to death.  Man will never find peace, contentment, meaning and purpose in his flesh – in his own ‘non-life’.  Sin is the attempt at finding purpose and meaning apart from the Lord, because anything not of faith is sin.  Since Christ is our life – since Christ followed the Law perfectly – since the chief end of man is to glorify the Lord and enjoy Him forever – we can only do so while in a dependent relationship with the Lord – all provided by God’s grace through Christ at our conversion.  Next Sunday we will examine closely what it means to have the old man crucified, so that we can fully enjoy the freedom we have in ‘living for and in Christ’.