Part 3 – Grace in 3D – A Winning Strategy
September 20, 2015

Part 3 – Grace in 3D – A Winning Strategy

Passage: 2 Timothy 2:2

It’s one thing to have a vision – an image or metaphor that a church keeps before them to motivate them to press forward – and for Grace Christian Fellowship it’s the image of an ideal Thanksgiving Meal.  It’s another thing to have a mission statement – a brief and concise statement that the church can grab on to that helps the people of the church verbalize to others the purpose of the church – and at Grace Christian Fellowship it’s: Repurposing lives by sharing God’s refreshing grace.

But even more so – the church needs to have a set of values – non-negotiable values that we will always live by to keep our course straight – and at Grace Christian Fellowship those values are: truth, compassion, enjoying others, authenticity, and excellence.  Well, all of this is fine and dandy, but how will this be accomplished?  What is the strategy that Grace Christian Fellowship will follow to effectively repurpose lives by sharing God’s refreshing grace?

This is where a concise three-step strategy will bolster our energy and efforts as the Lord directs us by His grace and Spirit.  Our strategy is made up of three basic steps, all beginning with the letter ‘D’, thus – Grace in 3D.

The first D is declare.  The Lord can anyone He chooses by the simple divine fiat – command of His voice – without any of our help, as in the biblical examples of Abram (Abraham) and Paul.  BUT, ninety-nine percent of the time the Lord uses secondary means – the preaching of His Word and the sharing of the Gospel from repurposed folks like you and I, to bring people to saving faith.  The Lord repurposes lives by have His Word declared – by the God-ordained preachers, teachers, leaders in the church, as well as by ALL Christians as they interact with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations in life.  It will thus continue to be a strategy of Grace Christian Fellowship to declare the Truth (of God’s Word) in all activities that we are involved in.

The second D is disciple people.  When people come to faith in Christ they then need to be discipled – encouraged to grow, mature, become more Christlike throughout their life.  This is accomplished by declaring the Word, but often by having the Christian be involved in smaller groups or activities in which they can participate more personally, be mentored by others, and experience the Christian life in practical and biblical ways.

The third D in the church’s strategy is demonstrate grace.  As the Christian matures in their faith through the various means of discipleship, the Spirit of Christ within them will empower, encourage, and direct the believer to reach out to those around them who are in need of God’s saving, sustaining, and encouraging grace.  The maturing Christian is sensitive to the needs of those around them.  They will hurt when others hurt; they will grieve when others grieve; but it won’t just be an issue of empathy.  The maturing Christian will demonstrate – act upon – bring about love and action – to provide the grace that is needed to be expressed at the moment.

As the believer at Grace Christian Fellowship keeps this strategy in mind, then all that we may be involved in – here inside the church, as well as outside the church in our every day life – this strategy of declaring truth, discipling people, and demonstrating grace – then lives will be repurposed by God’s refreshing grace – and the Lord God will be glorified.