Part 2 – Walking In Your Passion


The Lord calls His children to salvation by His grace. Once saved we are absolutely forgiven; spiritually transformed; filled with the Spirit of Christ; adopted into the family of God; set free from the devil, the world system, and our sinful nature; and have the guarantee of spending eternity forever with the Lord. BUT, all that being true, the Lord has not called us to then (after our conversion) sit on the front porch waiting for the return of the Lord. Not only does the Lord expect us to mature in the faith by His Spirit, grace, and our obedience to God’s Spirit and Word, but He has also blessed each of His children with spiritual gifts and passions that will enable us to advance the kingdom of God through the practical outworking of those gifts and passions.


Because God’s grace has brought saving faith into our hearts; now that we have been spiritually transformed, repurposed, redeemed, converted, forgiven, I believe the Lord plants within each of us something that yearns within us to press forward – find fulfillment – not spiritual fulfillment because we’ve found that in our saving relationship with Christ, but rather to find personal fulfillment in who we are in Christ. In this week’s message I listed eight considerations that will help us to determine the passion the Lord has placed within each of us as His children.


  1. Pray – obviously, we need to desire to know God’s desire for us, and it starts with us praying sincerely for Him to tell us.


  1. Make a list of what you love. Often the passion the Lord has in store for us is something that we already love doing, so make a list of those things, and don’t be embarrassed by what you write down. You just may be surprised at what the Lord calls you to.


  1. Identify what it is that you do with ease. The Lord has gifted each of us in certain ways throughout our life. Maybe that’s just what the Lord wants you to do!


  1. Look at your past. The pains and hurts of the past may very well be used of the Lord to help others. Instead of denying your past, try – by God’s grace and Spirit – to resolve your past and then embrace it as a means to help others.


  1. Take a risk – move out of your comfort zone. Although the Lord may place a passion in your heart towards something that you love and are good at, He may also have you take a step of faith and step out of that boat into waters that may appear over your head. If He calls you to it, He will provide.


  1. What makes you cry? Although we shouldn’t be controlled by our emotions, many times the Lord will use that thing, situation, etc. that stirs our hearts to tears.


  1. Ask for guidance. Don’t be afraid to get some godly counsel about what the Lord may be speaking to you. The Lord is going to tell you, not someone else. The ‘someone else’ may be used of the Lord to confirm what the Lord is speaking to you. And godly counsel will also help keep you from running off in the flesh.


  1. Don’t settle with “I’ve already found my place”. The Lord just might have other plans for you. Be content in whatever state your in, but don’t forget to occasionally say, “Lord, do you have something else in store for me?” And related to this, don’t let age be a hindrance. He can call us and use us at any age!


I pray that each of us will take seriously the charge to seek the Lord with all of our hearts, asking Him how He would like us all to serve. Ask and you shall receive. You have not, because you ask not!

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