Part 18 – Fighting For Truth and the Glory of God


May 8, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Jude 1:25 |


Jude has now come to the end of his Letter. Traditionally, these last two verses have been referred to as the ‘Jude doxology’ (praise to God) because these closing words ultimately bring all the glory for the Christians salvation to the one and only place it belongs: At the feet of our Lord God Almighty.

The first part of this doxology – verse 24 – which we looked at the previous Sunday – is a glorious reminder of our secure position in Christ Jesus.  The good work of salvation that the Lord God started, He will faithfully complete.  The book of Jude begins by telling us that we are ‘kept for Jesus’, and it ends by reminding us that the Lord is able and will keep us from falling away from Him.  As Paul told Timothy, when we are faithless, the Lord remains faithful!!

The second part of the doxology – verse 25 – is, in one sense, the familiar section that looks most like a ‘doxology’.  There we read, “….to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen”.  Jude ends his Letter is such a way as a slam dunk against the false teachers – the precursors to the Gnostics – who do not believe that Jesus Christ is/was/always will be both completely divine and completely human.

This last verse clearly shows us the deity of Christ.  Both God the Father and Jesus Christ are called Savior.  All of the attributes (four mentioned here) concerning the Father are seen through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Jesus Christ is seen as more than just a human, He is seen here as Lord.  And the eternal existence of Jesus Christ is clearly seen by Jude mentioning ‘before all ages (preexistence) now and forevermore (Jesus Christ – the same yesterday, today and forever!).  We then focused the bulk of the message on the four words used by Jude to describe the Triune God as a glorious ending to the Greatness of our Lord God Almighty, which assures the Christians of the final punishment of the false teachers, and the Christians secure position in Christ for all of eternity.  I chose to look at them in reverse order.

1. Authority – dominion – sovereignty: Our Lord God is sovereign – in complete control of the/His entire universe.  He rules all aspects of His creation – nothing gets past Him.  He is the final word on all things.  God’s children can be at peace and rest securely in Him because He is in sovereign control of all things, people and situations.

2.  Power – omnipotence: Our Lord God is omnipotent – He has all power – He is all-powerful.  There is nothing He cannot do, and all that He chooses to do is righteous, so although there is nothing He cannot do, He would never do anything that is contrary to His righteous and holy character.  God’s children can be at peace and rest securely in Him because He is all-powerful – nothing can be done against His will and plan, so He is able to take care of His children.

3.  Majesty – magnificence – Kingship: Our Lord God is Majesty in all that He does and is.  He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  He is the truly Great One and as our King we rightfully view Him and submit to Him as His servants.

4.  Glory – glorious: Jude begins his big four by telling us in his doxology – in his bursting forth in a song of praise for the glory of God – that all glory is to be given to the Lord God.  Glory is the weighty, resplendent, magnificent, and unimaginable presence consisting of all the Lord’s divine attributes being manifest in the blinding brightness and radiance of His presence.  We looked at four Bible characters who encountered the presence of the Lord God and how each one of them was stricken by God’s/Jesus’ glorious presence: Isaiah, Habakkuk, Paul and John – each were ‘blown away’ by the brightness and holiness of God’s glory.  And one day we will stand in His glorious presence and will be able to withstand it because we will be standing with Him in our glorified bodies and faultless in Christ as verse twenty-four teaches.

So, although Jude has been tough with His words on the false teachers – as he should have been – we as redeemed children of God and rest assured that the Lord will deal with those who oppose Him and us, and with the fact that we are and forever will be secure in Him.  He is faithful; the good work He has started in us, He will faithfully complete!

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