Part 17 – Jesus Christ – The Keeper of Our Soul


May 1, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Jude 1:24 |


Jude has now come to the end of his Letter. Traditionally, these last three verses have been referred to as the ‘Jude doxology’ (praise to God) because these closing words ultimately bring all the glory for the Christian’s salvation to the one and only place it belongs: At the feet of our Lord God Almighty.

The first part of this doxology – verse 24 – which we looked at this past Sunday – is a glorious reminder of our secure position in Christ Jesus.  The good work of salvation that the Lord God started, He will faithfully complete.  The book of Jude begins by telling us that we are ‘kept for Jesus’, and it ends by reminding us that the Lord is able and will keep us from falling away from Him.  As Paul told Timothy, when we are faithless, the Lord remains faithful!!

Christians are an insecure bunch.  And much of that insecurity comes from our intrinsic need to perform in order to win the favor of people, and because of faulty teaching at home and in church. This faulty teaching is often centered on guilt and manipulation, since those two negative modes of teaching are powerful, but unhealthy motivators to keep people in line.  Our God motivates His redeemed children via grace, not law, guilt, or threats of condemnation.

We saw in the tenth chapter of John some amazing points of contact that encourage believers to rest confidently in the safe and secure arms of our Lord.  In verses twenty-eight and twenty-nine Jesus told us that:
1. He is the giver of eternal life, so it’s not by our self-efforts.
2. He gives us ‘eternal’ life.  Eternal is forever.  If we could lose our salvation Jesus wouldn’t have called it ‘eternal’ but rather temporary.
3. Those that He saves will never perish.  We won’t eternally perish because He has given us eternal life!
4. No one can snatch us out of His hand.  No one means no one!
5. We are a gift from the Father to the Son.  God doesn’t give junk, and Jesus never discards a gift given to Him by the Father.
6. God, the Giver of Life, is greater than all, so if the One Who is Greater than all chooses to give us to Jesus so that we can have eternal life, then nothing can change that!
7. No one can snatch us out of the Father’s Hand!  We are safe in the hands of Jesus AND the Father!

Back to verse twenty-four of Jude: Jesus is able to keep us from falling away, and on that Great Day we will be presented (as a groom would present proudly His bride) into the glorious presence of our Lord God without fault (because we will be perfected in Him), and with great joy!!  The Lord Jesus loves us so much that He and all of Heaven will rejoice at our appearance before the heavenly realm.

We are not to take God’s saving grace lightly and abuse that grace by living a life of sin, because if we are truly saved, then – although we will fall – we have been set free from the bondage of sin.  God’s grace is sufficient for us all.  He forever keeps those that belong to Him!

This Sunday we will conclude the Letter by looking at the fabulous twenty-fifth verse that speaks about the greatness and glory of our Lord God, since our salvation is all for His glory!

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