Part 15 – Verses For Christians to Live By


April 10, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Jude 1:17-21 |


Jude is finally beginning to turn the corner in his harsh indictment against the false teachers that are trying to poison the believers that Jude has been a mentor to. Oh, he still has some tough things to say about them, but this will be the end of it.  In these five verses (Jude 1:17-21) Jude will use six verbs for Christians to live by.  Five of them are actions we are to participate or strive after to ensure our spiritual maturity, and the last one is an action that Jesus Christ will perform that will bring great peace and assurance to the believer.

1. Remember: The Christians are to ‘remember’ and focus on the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles and ignore the false teachings of the heretics.  The Christians Jude is writing to have already been entrusted with the Word that brings salvation, and they are to focus on the Truth and flee from the lies of the devil, the world, their flesh, and the false teachers.

Before Jude mentions the other positive verbs, he does take one more opportunity to remind the Christians what Jesus and the Apostles said about false teachers such as these that have crept into their churches.  They are scoffers, who will mock the deity of Christ and the teaching of saving grace and justification by faith alone.  And they will follow their own fleshy desires rather than trusting and obeying Christ.

2.  Building: The saints are to build each other up in the Truth – in the most holy faith granted to them and not pay attention to the false teachers who would rather tear down.

3. Praying (in the Spirit): The false teachers would never consider prayer as a spiritual option for themselves because prayer implies a need – a dependency on the Lord – and they only depend on themselves and their so-called special revelation.  The Christians are to pray according to what the Spirit directs them as seen in God’s Word or the teachings of the apostles.

4. Keep themselves in God’s love: This doesn’t mean that there’s a possibility that they would lose God’s love, but keeping in God’s love is simply an exhortation to keep God’s love for us and for His people in the forefront of all that we do.  We are to walk in God’s love by loving the Lord, loving His children, loving His Word, and even loving our enemies, and in doing so we will be keeping ourselves in God’s love.

5.  Wait or look for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ: Jude encourages the Christians to be patient and wait upon the Lord for their eventual complete redemption; to wait for the Lord’s judgment against unbelievers and the false teachers; as we patiently await the Lord’s return.

6. And the verb or action that Jesus will complete for us – bring you and I to eternal life: We are given the assurance in verse twenty-one, and more will be said about this with the last two verses of Jude, that Jesus will most certainly bring us to eternal life.  As believers we already possess eternal life, but we can count on the beautiful truth that God is faithful, and the good work He started in us (our salvation) He will faithfully complete!!!

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