Part 1 – Walking In Your Passion


August 13, 2017

Bible Text: Micah 6:8 |


The Lord calls His children to salvation by His grace.  Once saved we are absolutely forgiven; spiritually transformed; filled with the Spirit of Christ; adopted into the family of God; set free from the devil, the world system, and our sinful nature; and have the guarantee of spending eternity forever with the Lord.  BUT, all that being true, the Lord has not called us to then (after our conversion) sit on the front porch waiting for return of the Lord.  Not only does the Lord expect us to mature in the faith by His Spirit, grace, and our obedience to God’s Spirit and Word, but He has also blessed each of His children with spiritual gifts and passions that will enable us to advance the kingdom of God through the practical outworking of those gifts and passions.

My use of passions is not to be confused with the fleeting, temporary, conditional, and selfish ‘passions of the flesh’ or the eros love that the Greeks refer to.  This “passion” is a God-given desire, a yearning to make a difference in a particular area or ministry.  This longing in our hearts is like a magnet that attracts us into that area even without our conscious knowledge.  Passion is a driving force.  It is what gave Christ strength to endure unbearable pain and suffering.  Apostles and missionaries over the years have been so passionate that they even died for their cause.  Passion makes our life worth living and gives us a purpose to live and die for. It compels us to act; it forces you to get out of your comfort zone.

We were introduced to a term taken from the making of movies: a MacGuffin.  A MacGuffin is a basic plot element that drives a film’s story forward.  It often takes the form of an object or person that’s being pursued – usually by opposing sets of characters, but it can also be more abstract, like a sense of love or power.  The bottom line, it is the object of everybody’s search.
Think of that now in relation to our Christian faith.  Well, when we come to faith in Christ we are certainly satisfied, in that we don’t have to search for another answer.  Christ is the answer.  Because God’s grace has brought saving faith into our hearts; now that we have been spiritually transformed, repurposed, redeemed, converted, forgiven, I believe the Lord plants within each of us something that yearns within us to press forward – find fulfillment – not spiritual fulfillment because we’ve found that in our saving relationship with Christ, but rather to find personal fulfillment in who we are in Christ.

Who am I in Christ?  Of course, I am the righteousness of Christ.  I am His child; I am His friend; I will forever sit at His table as one of His children, but who am I in Christ?  Who has Christ made me to be so that not only will His Kingdom move forward but I will find personal fulfillment?  That is our MacGuffin.  Pursuing the Lord’s purpose which brings us passion, or the passion that brings us purpose is our MacGuffin.

The challenge or charge for everyone who heard this message was to sincerely and fervently ask the Lord in prayer what their ‘passion’ is…what has the Lord called each of us to participate in?  What is it that the Lord has placed within your heart that makes it flutter when you think about it? Is it prayer? Teaching? A new ministry? Something no one has done before?  "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  Matthew 7:7

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