Part 1 – Thanksgiving At the Home of Grace


September 6, 2015

Bible Text: 2 Samuel 9:1-13 |


The essence of David’s encounter with Mephibosheth is that become of a covenant promise made between David and Mephibosheth’s father Jonathan, David would not kill Mephibosheth, but instead would bless him with all of his grandfather’s and father’s wealth and property, and David would adopt Mephibosheth as his own son – promising to forever allow Mephibosheth to eat at the king’s table as one of his sons.  This is a picture of the grace of God in saving sinners, and the privilege we all now have to forever sit at the Lord’s Table as one of His children.

Since eating in the presence of the Lord is a consistent image found in the scriptures, it is the vision of the leadership of Grace Christian Fellowship that our church’s purpose or goal would be to establish a worshiping environment in which God’s people at Grace would experience a bit of that heavenly feasting by coming together to be fed the Word of God, enjoy the company of the local family of God, sharing our hurts and joys, inviting others to join us at the table, and share with the world around us of the glory and majesty of our Great Cook, Host and Homeowner.

The mission statement of Grace Christian Fellowship – that brief and concise sentence that summarizes who we are as a Christian body of believers in Largo – is “Repurposing Lives By Sharing God’s Refreshing Grace”.  By this we mean:

Repurposing Lives: The Lord in His unfathomable mercy, love, grace and divine purposes takes worthless, broken, useless sinners such as you and I and ‘repurposes’ – transforms us into living, valuable, useful, worthy (in Christ) children of God, who will now be able to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, and assist by God’s grace and Spirit, the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

Sharing: Preaching and teaching the Word of God is essential to one’s salvation and spiritual growth, so we at Grace Christian Fellowship will always make the ‘sharing’ of God’s Word the most important feature of every gathering that the people of God at Grace are involved in.  ‘Sharing’ also refers to the living of the Christian life day by day outside of the church building as we reflect the love and grace of God upon the people we encounter, as well as those specific opportunities the Lord gives us to share straightforward the Gospel message.

Refreshing: The grace of God (see next point) brings life, encouragement, it revives the soul, it ‘wakes’ us up, it nourishes and revitalizes the heart of the sinner coming to faith, and the Christian as He continues to rest in God’s grace.

God’s Grace: Our salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone so that God alone receives all the glory.  Our salvation – justification – transformation – repurposing - is a free gift from the Lord God through Christ placed in the hearts of undeserving sinners; and this salvation is not worked for, earned, merited or deserved.  It’s by the sheer work, love and generosity of the Triune God.

The mission of Grace Christian Fellowship of Largo, Florida is to be willing vessels and instruments to be used of the Lord to assist (but not take credit) in the salvation, edification, and spiritual growth of sinners and saints alike, as we worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth, love one another, show compassion to the hurting, and by preaching, teaching, and sharing that love, compassion and grace of God through our lives and the matchless Word of God.

Won’t you consider (as the Lord directs) being a part of this beautiful vision and mission?

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