Palm Sunday – Our King Has Come To Rescue Us


April 9, 2017

Bible Text: John 12:12-16 |


On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem to the accolades of the people who recognized Him as the conquering Jewish Messiah, although they were looking for a political savior, and not a Savior who would rescue them from their sins.  The scriptures talk about the need for God’s people to be ‘saved’, ‘delivered’, or ‘rescued’, and often (in the Old Testament) that means in regards to rescue from their enemies, but especially in the New Testament the Gospel preached was to show the people that they didn’t so much need political rescue, but spiritual rescue – to be delivered, saved, or rescued from the wrath of God, their sins, the devil, and the grip the world had on them.


All humans, because they are born spiritually separated or alienated from the Lord, live their lives – as Henry David Thoreau once said, “in quiet desperation”. Fallen mankind is driven or motivated by an innate and subconscious sense of anxiety, dread, or fear, and I believe that this fear is centered on the realization that there is a Holy God, and that each person will one day face judgment from Him. But as Christ entered Jerusalem as the conquering King and Messiah, the Lord enters our hearts by His love, mercy and grace to set us free from that fear of death, judgment, and wrath. We are now His forgiven, redeemed, justified friends – forever sitting at His table as one of His children.

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