Easter Sunday – Content Forever


April 16, 2017

Bible Text: Matthew 28:1-10 |


The Resurrection Day message continued with the overriding theme of our release from fear by focusing on realizing that fear and anxiety are eliminated by trust, but the One that we are trusting (and this does relate to human relationships as well) must meet the following criteria (ask these questions of them and their character):


Do we know them?

Are they sincere?

Are they trustworthy or faithful?

Are they capable of fulfilling the promise?

Can they fulfill the promise legally?


When we think about our justified relationship with the Lord God, we realize that our God CAN be trusted, thus we can rest in His sovereignty and be at peace (hence, no more underlying fear, anxiety, and discontentment) because we know:


  1. Who Christ is (not just ‘know Him intimately’ through salvation, but we can grow in our knowledge of His perfect nature and character.


  1. We know He is lovingly sincere.


  1. He is trustworthy and faithful.


  1. He is capable.


  1. He can ‘legally’ fulfill every promise because of Christ’s work upon the cross and His resurrection.


We are at peace because the Prince of Peace reigns in our hearts.

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