Part 2 – Characteristics of a Christian Humbly Walking With the Lord


September 18, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Job 1:1-5 |


In this message we are introduced to the man Job. He lived in Uz, which borders modern southwest Jordan and southern Israel, and he was a highly respected, wealthy, and spiritual man. We learned that wealth was determined by livestock, which Job had much; and that another indicator of the Lord's blessing (besides his wealth) was that he had a large family (seven sons and three daughters).

We learned of four spiritual characteristics that identified Job as a righteous man in the sight of the author as well as with the Lord God. He was:

1. Blameless: Although the King James Version translates this word 'perfect' we know that Job was a sinner, by his own admission. Blameless simply meant that Job was seen as a man of integrity; a person who could be trusted; a person of whom you couldn't honestly 'bad mouth'.

2. Upright: This refers to Job's 'above board' lifestyle. He was honest, transparent, had unchanging standards; he did the right thing; he was genuine. What you saw was what you got.

3. Feared God: Job had a healthy respect (based on love) for the Lord, but more importantly, he stood (or knelt) in humble awe of the greatness, holiness, righteousness of the Lord God. And because of this attitude of awe that he carried with him whenever he thought of the Lord, Job naturally....

4. Shunned evil: As we said, Job wasn't a perfect man, but because he loved and was in holy awe of his Lord God, he knew that it was best to turn away from evil and trust the Lord in all things, thus he avoided or shunned evil.

Job was also a spiritually sensitive man who 'practiced' his faith consistently and sincerely. He would regularly provide sacrifices on behalf of his children in case they had sinned against the Lord, which not only shows us his faithful spiritual side, but it was also a picture or type of Christ in that the Lord provided sacrifices – THE sacrifice of Himself because of our sin.

As 21st-century Christians, who have the Spirit of Christ within us; the completed text of Scripture; regular fellowship with other Christians; and two thousand years of history that verify the faithfulness of God, we as the Lord's children ought to be seen as blameless and upright citizens who are in awe of the holy, holy, holy God, and by His grace and Spirit are making every effort to walk in holiness – to shun evil. We can't do any of this in our own strength, but totally relying on the Spirit of Christ within us; God's Word to us; and His grace upon us.

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