Join Our Community


If you love Jesus and feel called to make Grace Christian Fellowship your home church, then we invite you to join our Covenant Community.

Covenant is a biblical concept.  In the Ancient Near East, covenant was a binding agreement in which covenant members had certain obligations and could expect certain benefits in return.  What makes a covenant different from a simple binding agreement is that covenant implies meaningful relationship.  For example, God covenanted with Noah, with Abram, with the people of Israel at Mt. Sinai, with King David, etc…, and eventually with all those who placed their trust in the redemptive work and life of Christ.

Commit with us if you love Jesus…

If you love Jesus, meaning you trust Christ’s redemptive work through His life, death, and resurrection, then you are welcome to commit with us by becoming a member of GCF’s Covenant Community.

Commit with us if this is your church…

If this is where you feel God calling you to worship and serve, then this is your church and we invite you to commit with us.  When you commit with us you agree, by God’s grace and Spirit, to live according to our Church Covenant Commitments.  Our promise is to help you along in your spiritual journey and to work together in living our the mission of GCF:

“To achieve the greatest of all goals – the glorifying of God in all things – Grace Christian Fellowship exists in order to advance the kingdom of God by worshiping God through the gospel of Christ, by clearly teaching and practicing the Word of God, and by lovingly serving God’s people and the world around us.”

GCF’s Covenant Community Commitment Seminars:

We will offer Covenant Commitment Seminars three times a year.  Each seminar will be two hours in length.  The following topics will be covered in each seminar:

  • What’s the Mission Statement at GCF?
  • What’s the Church Government at GCF?
  • What are the Key Doctrines of GCF?
  • What’s Required of a GCF Covenant Member?
  • Q & A with the Elders

GCF’s Covenant Community Commitment Form will need to be filled out and turned in the Sunday before the seminar.  You can download and print the form here or you can pick one up in our church narthex.


As a committed covenant community member of Grace Christian Fellowship, and in desiring to bring unity and strength to this local body of Christ, I joyfully agree to walk together with my church family and enter into a biblically-based covenant with them by making the following commitments:

  • I will rejoice in the grace of God, privately and corporately giving thanks to our heavenly Father for the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of our sins, and for the gift of the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to believe and live for the glory of God.
  • I will seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • I will seek to advance the proclamation of the Gospel through the relationships God has given me in my family, workplace, and community.  I will seek to advance the proclamation of the Gospel in foreign territories as the Lord would lead and enable me to.
  • I will devote myself to the study of the Scriptures and to prayer both privately and corporately.
  • I will not neglect meeting together in corporate worship.
  • I will live together with my brothers and sisters in love, just as God has loved us.  I will seek their good through forming relationships that promote Godwardness, holiness, discipleship, worship, and sound doctrine.
  • I will, as God so enables me, care for my brothers and sisters who are sick, in distress, and in poverty.
  • I will seek to serve the church’s ministries, not only through the regular giving of my finances, but also by the giving of my time and effort.
  • I will promote marriage as a reflection of Christ’s relationship with His church and bring any children God may give me in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  I support the church’s understanding of human sexuality, family relationships, and divorce and remarriage.
  • I will pursue reconciliation when offense occurs between me and another member of the church.  I will reject all opportunities to speak or to hear gossip or slander.  I agree that Christians are prohibited from bringing civil lawsuits against other Christians of the church to resolve personal disputes.
  • I will, in the spirit of church unity, joyfully submit to the church’s leadership, bring my theological and biblical concerns to them, and commit myself to regularly pray for them.
  • I agree with the church’s doctrine and practice of church discipline and restoration.
  • I accept Grace Christian Fellowship’s Statement of Faith  and Position Papers as the theological foundation for this church and am willing to be spiritually led and taught by these theological distinctions.
  • I will, if I move from this place, unite with some other church where I can carry out the spirit of these commitments and teaching of God’s Word.