Holy Week – Day 3

  |   Words of Grace

1. Having spent the night in Bethany (after His grand entrance on Palm Sunday), Jesus returns to Jerusalem.

2. Jesus curses a fig tree (Matthew 21:18-19; Mark 11:12-14) – some will say that Jesus cursed a fig tree on Sunday because it bore no fruit for He and His disciples to eat, and that on Monday the disciples discovered that the tree had withered, others believe it happened all at the same time. It doesn’t matter. The point was that Jesus’ cursing of the tree symbolizes the judgment of God upon a nation (Israel) that has the outward appearance of life, but fails to bear fruit.

3. Jesus cleanses the Temple (Mark 11:15-18; Luke 19:45) – I mentioned this event yesterday, but this isn’t a THIRD cleansing (first one occurred at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry – John 2:18). Rather, this is another example of an event that there is question as to whether it occurred on Sunday or Monday, but again – the issue isn’t when it occurred, but that the House of God had turned into a den of thieves.

4. Certain Greeks asked Philip, who in turn asked Andrew, if they could see and talk with Jesus. (John 12:20-36) Jesus’ comments at this time included His beloved statements concerning His impending death, losing one’s old life for Christ, and the honor that comes to the one who loves and serves Jesus: “I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Whoever serves Me must follow Me; and where I am, My servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves Me.” (John 12:24-26)

5. Once again Jesus leaves to spend the night in Bethany (John 12:36).

Throughout the rest of today, reflect on John 12:24-26, and contemplate what it means for us to allow things in our life to ‘die’ in order for the Lord to raise them up anew; what Jesus means by loving/hating this life and how it impacts our relationship with Christ; and what it means to be a servant of Christ. I hope you are taking advantage of this very special week by reading God’s Word; thinking about what Christ has done for us; and speaking honestly with the Lord concerning His loving sacrifice of His life for each of us.