Holy Week Day 2 – Palm Sunday

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Day By Day – The Last Week of Jesus’ Earthly Life

1. Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey (Zechariah 9:9) and the people honor Him with their cloaks on the ground and waving palm branches as a sign of celebration of the coming of the King. (John 12:12-18; Matthew 21:8-11; Mark 11:7-10; Luke 19:35-38)

2. Pharisees react harshly to this display of praise (Luke 19:39-40; John 12:19)

3. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem because of their lack of faith (Luke 19:41-44)

4.  Jesus cleans out the temple of the moneychangers for the second time.  Matthew, Mark and Luke mention only one time – this second event.  John mentions two – with three years in between the events.  In the first cleansing, temple officials confronted Jesus immediately (John 2:18), whereas in the second cleansing, the chief priests and scribes confronted Him the following day (Matthew 21:17-23).  In the first event, Jesus made a whip of cords with which to drive out the sellers, but there is no mention of a whip in the second cleansing.  So there are two recorded occasions when Jesus cleansed the temple – the first time at the beginning of His public ministry (just after Jesus’ first miracle – the turning water into wine at the wedding), and the second time just after His triumphal entry into Jerusalem shortly before He was crucified.   

5.  After cleaning house (at the temple) Jesus then proceeds to heal many at the temple.  A beautiful contrast is seen – the moneychangers are there for profit and not about their spiritual condition, while Jesus ministers at the temple.  (Matthew 21:14)

6. Because of these miracles at the temple, and because the children were praising Jesus, the Jewish leaders again became indignant.

7.  Jesus leaves Jerusalem and spends the night in nearby Bethany. (Matthew 21:17).
End of Sunday