GCF Elders:

Pastor Randy Evans

Senior Pastor, Financial Committee

Pastor Lucas Hillman

Associate Pastor

Nate Freeman


Jason Toombs


Steve Lee

Elders are appointed to shepherd and lead the flock of Grace Christian Fellowship. The pastors/elders represent the primary leadership and convene regularly to discuss the ministerial direction of the Church and discipleship for the people of GCF. The elders aspire to preach, teach, lead, and counsel to the glory of God, and these matters are not taken lightly.

GCF Deacons: Our deacon leadership is currently being updated

Jeff Smith

Pete Jensen

Becky Evans

Al Ruechel

Chris Johnson


Donna Sicilian

Deacons assist the church elders by leading various church ministries and/or caring for the administrative needs of church. Historically, deacons have served as both care providers and overseers of the church body, helping implement the vision set forth by the elders. The Deacons of GCF are the hands and feet of our church.