Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Thursday May 21st, 2020 5pm

Plans are underway to Re-open the church on June 7th. Details below:

If you are comfortable coming into the church building and experiencing church “in person”, you are invited to join us beginning June 7th at 10am! We will still have church “live” online as usual. Please do not feel any pressure to return until you feel 100% comfortable being around other people. We will be modifying how we do things so please take note of the following items:

1. We ask that you wear a mask to enter the building but you can remove it once you are in your seat and are socially distanced from others
2. As you enter the church we encourage you to use the hand sanitizer that we will have available.
3. We will have more chairs up than usual (think Easter Service) so there will be plenty of room to spread out.
4. The Children’s Wing will not be open and we are encouraging families to sit together.
5. The baby nurseries will be open but not staffed. You can utilize them with crying children if you feel comfortable doing so.
6. We will not pass communion but will have the elements ready at designated areas so you can pick them up and take them to your seat when you first arrive (or you could bring your own)
7. We will not pass the offering baskets but encourage you to use the wooden offering boxes or continue using online giving options.
8. We will not have the café open so bring your coffee in a cup with a safe lid.
9. We know that everyone will be excited to be together but we ask that you refrain from hugs and handshakes and greet each other with a smile or an elbow bump.
10. If you do not feel well, PLEASE stay home! If you have any health issues, PLEASE stay home!

We know church will feel different than the last time you were there, but hopefully for only the first few minutes! Being together and worshiping corporately will be even better than we remembered and celebrating collectively will be amazing. I believe that even if you stay home and view the service online, you will notice a difference because our worship team and Pastors will be so happy to see people in the chairs as it gives them a special energy!!

Pastor Randy 727-422-5711  Pastor Lucas 727-422-8184, or Becky at 727-709-3219.  

GCF Leadership Team

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